Our Leaders & Counselors


Taylor came to know Christ in his teen years largely because of the youth ministry he attended at his home church in Ohio. God has given Taylor a heart to serve and show youth the love of Christ as he was shown in the same crucial life stage. Taylor has been serving with the youth ministry at CBCGB since the Lord called him to serve as the guys youth pastor in 2020.

stry at CBCGB since 2011. She was brought to Christ in junior high by a high schooler in her youth group, so she firmly believes in the ability for youth to lead others to Christ and to walk with each other in following Him. She loves spending time with the youth and having conversations about life and how God is working.




Kylie came to Christ at the end of her senior year of high school after attending a Campus Life Club run by Youth For Christ. A leader from that club invited Kylie to church where she heard the Gospel and accepted Christ and was baptized later that summer. Shortly after that she met her husband Minister Taylor. Before moving to Boston, Kylie worked for Greater Louisville Youth for Christ going to high school campuses to meet students where they were at and share the Gospel with them. Kylie also worked in the children's and youth programs at her church back in Louisville. Now that Kylie is in Boston she enjoys taking walks with Baby Finnick, getting bubble tea or food with friends, and getting to know the youth.


Leon came to the Lord at this very church when he was a youth. God has since taken him on a long journey, living and working in various parts of the country before moving back to the Boston area. He is currently engaged to Natalie, another counselor, and they will be married in May. He is currently the counselor for the 9th grade boys and has been for the last year and a half. Prior to that, he was a counselor for the 12th grade boys (class of 2019) along with Uncle John, who was also Leon's counselor when he was in high school.


Hello! I am an elementary school teacher by trade, but am currently in grad school working for my ESL license, while also tutoring part-time. I am looking forward to teaching again after I complete my program! I've attended CBCGB for most of my life, from AWANA, to ALIVE, to ICF, and now Cross Bridge. My parents are in the CM Berea Fellowship. I accepted Christ in 8th grade at a youth retreat and got baptized a few years later. I love this church dearly, as it was where God developed my passion for social concerns and missions, as well as my love for teaching and working with children and youth. I began serving as an ALIVE counselor in 2019, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to love and care for the youth like my counselors did for me back then. My hope is to become a trustworthy and reliable older sister figure to my girls and to be a support and resource for them as they grow in their faith.


I have been saved by grace through faith alone. If it was up to me, I'd be dead.


Moses’ parents are first generation immigrants from China. He grew up believing Christians were fundamentalists and were only interested in getting more people into church to financially support the pastor. After college Moses moved to Boston for work and subsequently lost his job during the 2009 recession. It was during that time he started to question the meaning and purpose of his life. Through Christian friends, Moses heard the Gospel, repented of his sin towards God and committed to Jesus Christ in 2010.

Moses is grateful for Christ’s presence in his life, for being the Rock of Refuge through the trials and tribulations of this broken world. His favorite thing about being a counselor is to help students understand and live out the Word of God.


Hi, I'm Natalie! I grew up in a Christian family and was baptized in middle school, but did not form a personal and devoted relationship with God until college. Growing up, I wanted to believe in God but always felt that a relationship with him was too abstract. After putting God on the back burner in high school, I wrestled with my faith during my freshman year of college. God was pressing me to make a choice - I either had to be either all in or all out (even if that meant continuing to investigate my doubts). I've been a counselor for five years!






After I struggled a lot and could not have solutions and see any hope in my life, I went to church in 2003, decided to follow Jesus and was baptized in August 2009 in CBCGB. I have been a owner and director of a Christian Child Care center for over 10 years. My husband, Yining, and I raise 3 daughters, who are in 11, 10 & 3 grade. I was in my first year to be a youth counselor. My favorite thing is listening to the girls talk about their daily stories.:-)